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Ray De Sabato Secular Studies Principal

Ray De Sabato

Interim Secular Principal

and English

610-617-9200 x406

Ray De Sabato served as the founding Principal of Secular Studies at The Mesivta. Prior to joining The Mesivta staff, Mr. De Sabato served as a Principal at the Friends’ Central School for more than twenty-five years. He has also spent many years teaching Reading and English at both The Mesivta and at Friends’ Central.  Mr. De Sabato has also coached tennis, football, and track teams. He is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania, where he earned a B.A. majoring in Psychology and Reading Education, an M.S. in Education, and a Teaching Certificate for Reading, Language Arts, and Study Skills. Mr. De Sabato also serves as an interviewer for the University of Pennsylvania Admissions Department.

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