Limudei Kodesh
Summer Learning  2019

Dear Parents and Students:



I hope you are doing well.


Although next school year may seem far away, our faculty and staff at the Mesivta are working tirelessly to make sure it will be a wonderful year of growth and success for all students.


In that vein, I'd like to make you aware of the plan for the upcoming year in our Tanach department and a related summer-learning assignment.


B'ezras Hashem, we will be studying Sefer Bamidbar, with some sections to be studied more in-depth (בעיון) in class, and others more generally (בקיאות) as a self-study with periodic assessments. By the end of the year, students will feel gratified by their mastery of the entire sefer (10 parshiyos and over 1,200 pesukim).


In order to "hit the ground running," and because summertime learning is important to maintaining spiritual continuum, we are assigning all students to study Parshas Bamidbar with Rashi's commentary  over the summer, and to fill in the answers to a question packet which will be sent out soon. (There are different versions of the packet;  students and parents will receive notice from the school as to which packet they are responsible for.)


In order to best prepare for this assignment and for the upcoming year's learning, I would like to make you aware of some resources.

Sefaria - online Sefer Bamidbar (Hebrew and English)

Sefaria - online Rashi on Sefer Bamidbar (Hebrew and English)


Additionally, some students will probably want to use the Artscroll Sapirstein Chumash. Although this is not necessary, it is certainly helpful. If you do not own this volume, it can be purchased HERE.


Please have the answers filled in and submit the packet to your rebbe on the first day of school - Wednesday, August 28th. For those who are at camp or heading there soon, you should have time to do this packet toward the end of the summer.


General-Studies summer assignments have been communicated separately from Ms. Occhiogrosso's office and are also very important for starting the school year off right. Please be mindful of them as you plan your summer schedule, as well.


Looking forward to the best year ever, b'ezras Hashem!

Best wishes always,

Rabbi Steinberg


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