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Rabbi Yaakov Gruenstein

Director of Student Activities

610-617-9200 x405

Rabbi Yaakov Gruenstein has had extensive experience running large programs as well as captivating diverse audiences in his roles as Campus Rabbi and Hillel Advisor at Long Island University-Post, and as the Director of the Long Beach Jewish Experience. His real passion and niche, though, have been connecting with and inspiring teens, as can be witnessed every day in his electrifying 8th-grade-boys classroom at HALB (Hebrew Academy of Long Beach), his most recent and current position. His dynamic personality coupled with his keen interest in every student make him a much respected Rebbe and leader. Having spent the past decade teaching, lecturing, and creating innovative and relevant programming, Rabbi Gruenstein has brought a sense of excitement and engagement to the classroom and beyond.

A product of the Rabbinical Seminary of America (“Chofetz Chaim Yeshiva”) and a Musmach of Rav Moshe Heinemann of the Star-K, Rabbi Gruenstein is also a certified life coach, and reputedly, an “awesome” basketball player.

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