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Special Education

We believe that education is not one size fits all, and that learning should be individualized to unlock the potential of all students. The Mesivta has created a groundbreaking Special Education program, allowing boys who need extra support or who have been out of the Jewish educational system due to their learning needs a way to reintegrate back into a Jewish school at the high school level.  We have hired 4 teachers to teach and oversee modifications and progress monitoring. The program has specially designed instruction for each student -- identifying their learning issues, creating manageable targets, and actualizing the goals for each student with progress monitoring and family meetings to build the home-school connection.  Our goal is to develop a sense of purpose, belonging, and self-confidence for the participating students. The philosophy behind the program is to meet the students “where they are,” and grant them access to appropriate material to allow them to grow. We utilize psychoeducational testing data (if there is none on record, we provide it through a partnership with Dr. Harris Finklestein) and create a tailored plan across both Judaics and secular studies to offer consistent, meaningful adaptations and modifications to help each student succeed. Families are intimately involved in the holistic education to build the home-school partnership.  


Mental Wellness Programming

The Mesivta has a mental health counselor on staff to consult on student issues, and provide individualized counseling and small group mentoring, as well as grade-level support.  We have a supervised Doctoral intern on staff to provide psychoeducational testing to Mesivta families and additional support in counseling and student observations. Small group and school-wide programs on anxiety, mindfulness, addiction, technology management, and executive functioning are presented to our students to help them grow holistically, and their overall well-being is at the forefront of our decisions and programming.

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