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College Guidance

The Mission of the College Guidance Center

Welcome to our College Guidance Center's Resource page! 


Here you will find useful links with an abundance of resources and materials to equip students and their parents with the tools to begin this exciting phase of life.  Please read the information thoroughly and be sure to reach out to our Guidance Counselor, Ms. Occhiogrosso, should you have any questions.

A student's high school experience is filled with challenges and transitions.  These are necessary and basic to growth and preparation for the future. The Mesivta High School seeks to serve as the student's bridge to his future.  Each student must plan and work to take advantage of the excellent opportunities for an education that are available to him at The Mesivta.


Students and parents/guardians should discuss the student's hopes and plans for the future, as well as his strengths and aspirations, and any areas that might require extra effort and work.  Ideas and questions can be discussed with Mesivta's principals, teachers, and our College Guidance Counselor.  Look to your future interests.  Do not rule out any options too soon.  Develop a plan that considers aptitudes, past performance and achievements. 

We wish each student success as he makes the most of the many opportunities available at The Mesivta High School.  Careful planning will provide a map to the future.

Financial Aid Zoom with Ms. O (2023)

Resume, Extracurriculars, Summer Programs (February 2023)

SAT/ACT with Ms. O (11/30/23)

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