Israel Guidance

Before starting college, approximately 95% of Mesivta graduates choose to attend a Yeshiva program in Eretz Yisrael for one or more years in order to more fully round out their Torah education.  An orientation for students and parents to the application process is followed by individual meetings with our Director of Israel Guidance, who helps students choose the appropriate school and prepare for the interview. Representatives of Israeli Yeshivot ranging from Hesder to “American programs” visit our campus throughout the year and students have the opportunity to interview for a number of different schools without having to leave the high school building.










Class of 2017


· Derech Etz Chaim - Yitzy Hochstadt


· Otzem - Yaakov Cohn


· Maayanot - Yishaia Erlbaum


· Romemus Hatorah (Chestnut Ridge, NY) - Daniel Weiser

· Shaalvim - Binny Fiederer


· "TJ" - Shmuel Abraham


· Yishrei Lev - Baruch Chase


Class of 2018

· Har Etzion ("Gush") - Yitzy Tanner


· Hakotel - William Mogyoros


· Mevaseret - Ezra Entin, David Kallush


· Bais Yisroel - Shlomo Goldenberg


· Mercaz HaTorah - Eli James


· Toras Moshe - Mordechai Volpin, Yaakov Weiss


· Keser Torah ("Rabbi Fishman's - Monsey, NY) - Tzemach Eisenberg


· Ohr Hachaim (Queens, NY) - Avi Offen

Mesivta Graduates are currently attending:  


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