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All Mesivta graduates have gone on to learn in yeshiva after graduating (some for more than one year), and it is our fervent hope that this trend will continue. Devoting this time to full time, focused learning, while surrounded by the holiness of ארץ ישראל, is the best way to fortify oneself to make תורה ועבודה a lifelong connection. 

Every year, numerous yeshivos will come to visit The Mesivta in the late Fall and Winter.  In some cases, the visiting rebbe will deliver a shiur. In others, he will talk about his yeshiva to either a group or individual interested students.  Additionally, to facilitate this process, Rabbi Steinberg travels to ארץ ישראל each year to monitor the progress of our graduates, assesses which yeshivas best fit upcoming graduates, and forges relationships with roshei yeshiva to help with acceptances and placements of our students.

The general timeline for the yeshiva application process is as follows:

For most yeshivos - applications must be submitted by mid/late December. Many (but not all – e.g., not Toras Moshe) use the same “Joint Yeshiva Application” as seen here: The fee is per yeshiva you apply to, with each yeshiva charging amounts ranging from $0 to $125.

Late January-February is the time for interviews/bechinos. Most yeshivos will come to the Mesivta to meet with prospective students for this. There may be a few that require traveling to a different site.

Acceptances are usually communicated in late February, and some yeshivos will ask for a response pretty quickly - by early March.


To learn about financing your son's Yeshiva experience

To learn more about some of the Yeshiva's our boys have attended click on the name of Yeshiva

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