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Our Educational Philosophy


It is axiomatic to Judaism to believe not only in G-d, but “in Man”, i.e., in the unique greatness that each person has in His service. We see every student as a great fountain who must be inspired to unleash his inner potential – a potential that often far exceeds the student’s own current self-assessment. Inspiration and education are therefore inseparable. 




We believe that greater knowledge and wisdom lead to greater respect for differing viewpoints. Intolerance for those who differ from us often stems from superficial understanding of complex issues. As students study, they increasingly appreciate the greatness of the different sages whose works they read. They also come to appreciate the complexity of the questions that have faced, and that currently face, the Jewish people. They thus become more accepting of the differing responses to them. Students learn that complex questions rarely have simple answers. 




Special sessions are dedicated to more advanced text-study from the realms of Halachic responsa, ethical thought, and Chassidus. These studies broaden the talmid’s view and gives him a greater thirst for knowledge. 




Through the study of Chumash, Navi, and classic commentaries on other Torah subjects describing the ancient and deeply spiritual connection of Am Yisroel to its land, Mesivta students naturally develop a deep feeling for the centrality of the Holy Land in Jewish religious experience. This feeling is nurtured and developed throughout their years at The Mesivta and culminates in post high-school yeshiva study in Israel. Students are made to understand how the founding of the State of Israel is a seminal event in Modern Jewish history, but that the religious-secular tensions within the State form a great challenge that has given rise to differing responses on both pragmatic and philosophical levels. 




We believe that the quality of education in both Torah and secular subjects is determined not only by the amount of time dedicated to these studies, but by efficient and well-planned use of that time. We monitor performance, and make sure each student is getting the most education out of his time. We believe in swift identification and implementation when students need additional outside support and/or course modification, as well as where opportunities for special advanced-study pursuits are warranted. 




We ascribe great value to the single-gender nature of our educational atmosphere. The all-boys environment allows Mesivta students to focus wholeheartedly on their studies without the numerous distractions and pressures that arise in a mixed setting. We also believe that from the perspectives of mesora and kedusha, this is the preferred venue for teaching Torah to young men. 

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