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Rabbi Yaakov Baum


Rabbi Yaakov Baum learned in Yeshiva Gedola of Detroit, Yeshivas Brisk in Yerushalyim, and in Beth Medrash Govoha where he received semicha. He served as the Rosh Chaburah in Beis Medrash L'Torah in Israel and as the Rosh Hamedrash of Beis Medrash Ohr Matisyahu in Lakewood, NJ.  In 2017, Rabbi Baum founded and led the Berlin-Lakewood Kollel in Berlin, Germany. Through Torah study, shiurim, night seder, chavrusahs, and handling halachic and hashkafic issues for community members, Rabbi Baum provided much needed support for the Jewish community in Berlin. Along with his wife and three children, he is a welcome addition to the Bala Cynwyd community and to the Mesivta family.

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