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The Mesivta of Greater Philadelphia is committed to ensuring finances are not a barrier to a Jewish education for our students. We provide scholarship assistance to nearly 41% of our PA residents, much of which is funded through the Educational Improvement Tax Credit program (EITC).

Many of The Mesivta families are in need of financial assistance in any given year.  Even more so at this time, the pandemic and its aftermath have taken a financial toll on many and the need for scholarships has expanded significantly. To meet this need, we need your help.

Please consider participating in the EITC program and designating your contribution for The Mesivta. Besides the incalculable benefits of supporting our students, you will receive:


  • A 90% tax credit for your contribution

  • The possibility of a charitable deduction for the remaining 10%


Participants must have a minimum of $6,200 in PA tax liability and may give up to a maximum of such liability. 

How does the math work? If you contribute $10,000, The Mesivta receives $10,000. You will receive a tax credit for $9,000 and may also be able to claim the remaining $1,000 as a charitable contribution. This is an incredible way to leverage your donation!

If you are interested in joining, please contact Ronit Snitman at 

Thank you for your continued support of our students!

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