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Extra Learning Initiatives

  • Mili D’Mesivta - monthly dvar Torah publication distributed in hardcopy to 12 local Shuls as well as by email.

  • Model Beis Din Team - weekly meets at optional night seder to research the intricacies of the assigned topic in preparation for the competition held in the Spring at Lander College.

  • Bekius – An elective offered both within the school day, as well as an after-hours option, students opt to study two and a half extra hours a week to gain more Gemora knowledge , with some aiming to complete the entire masseches (Tractate) being studied.

  • Late-Night Night Seder – A student initiative that regularly draws 10-15 boys to study Torah after hours.

  • Divrei Torah and Chaburas – Students participate in a weekly rotation to present a Torah thought to the whole school, as well as in optional daily study groups (during breaks) in Halacha and Mussar.

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