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Standardized Test Prep

WHEN COLLEGE DECISIONS are being weighed, there are several factors at play. First and foremost is rigor--the level of difficulty of the student's schedule.  Next is GPA, the average of a student's academic achievements. This is followed by SAT/ACT.  While there are over 900 schools in the nation today that are test optional, test flexible, and test blind, the SAT and ACT are still a major piece of the admissions puzzle for many institutions.  Preparation and planning can help a student make marked gains and present a strong case to an admissions committee.  We at the Mesivta believe in taking  a proactive approach to test preparation; it's why we have built test questions into our curriculum and offer school-supported prep through individualized coaching and PSAT testing for three grades.  Explore the resources on this page to better understand standardized testing, and encourage your child to utilize the sample practice. For a detailed picture or individual questions, please do not hesitate to contact our school's college guidance counselor for a more detailed picture of standardized testing.

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