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In addition to the other adjustments and pressures of adolescence, during the high school years, students often find themselves having to make educational and career decisions that will have implications for life. For the ben Torah, there is the added pressure of navigating educational and career aspirations within a framework that will further promote the mitzvah-observant lifestyle and Torah-study opportunities that students have worked so hard to cultivate.

Relax. Here at the Mesivta, we are proud of the unique amount of support and guidance that our students receive in this process. Ms. Occhiogrosso is a master at identifying students’ areas of strength, advising them how to prepare and present most effectively to pursue their goals, finding programs that will help them pursue their best options, and negotiating on their behalf with placement officers.

In addition to the intensive in-person guidance Ms. Occhiogrosso provides for each family and student, we provide some general resources here on this page. This is a valuable repository of some useful and up-to-the-moment information for families and their college-bound students.  Please enjoy exploring each link.

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