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Summer Assignments

We at the Mesivta feel that it is critical to “hit the ground running” when the school year starts. Rather than allowing the summer to be a time of academic regression or atrophy, we believe that -- without being too taxing on students during vacation – the summer can be harnessed to prepare to thrive optimally in the Fall.

As believing Jews, we approach Torah learning as a part of life that is with us regardless of season. Additionally, having a little bit of advanced exposure to the סוגיות and topics to be delved into in Mesivta shiurim is an invaluable advantage to promote student growth during the year. In the secular arena, staying current and fresh in our skills also yields a far greater return on our school class time.

Therefore, all students have summer assignments based on your current placement level to develop these areas in לימודי קודש (Judaics) as well as Math and English. Some advanced courses/AP have an additional assignment to help support curriculum pacing, as well. This will serve as a touchstone at the beginning of the year to allow us to maximize class time and support content mastery. Given the timing of the holidays, we need our boys to have content material at the ready. It will also help us to gauge the skills of students in each classroom so that we can make informed decisions with course directions and need for remediation/review.




Advanced Courses/AP

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